A Game which is not only about the moves, But about making the Smart and Intelligent moves !

Why Chess ?

Chess is International

The Game enjoys immense popularity and exposure all over the world and now particularly in India and the world’s fastest growing economy, China. Over half of the worlds Chess Federation enjoy full support status in their respective countries. 

Chess is Universal

Chess is played Globally by millions. Chess is truly a universal game, the oldest game in the world, rich in heritage, in diversity and magnitude. Chess is one of the fastest growing sport in the world.  

Chess is Educational

Chess is one of the most powerful Educational tools available to develop and strengthen thinking and cognitive processes. Schools are increasingly embracing Chess as a Sport  that complements Education.  

Chess on the Web

Chess has emerged as a real force in the 21st century. Modern technology like AI (Artificial Intelligence)and various other technologies has ensured the emergence of a whole new generation of enthusiastic players of all ages and genders.

Chess as Publicity

Chess is at the forefront of the public consciousness and chess imagery is widely used throughout the Advertising and Marketing  Industry. It is widely popular and proven across all the different media platforms. 

Chess to Connect

Connect with over 700 enthusiastic Chess players and more than 200  to 250 parents and supporters who will be present over the course of this World Championship Event at Mumbai. 

Reasons to Sponsor WYCC 2019 ?

Positive Sponsorship Opportunities

Chess Sponsorship is the perfect opportunity to invest positively and wisely.Chess has more competing nations than any other sport, excepting Football.

Ability to reach Foreign Markets

In many countries Chess is followed via Webcasting of games, both live and replay.

Showcasing of a Product

Showcasing your latest products in a World Championship Event of this magnitude, would help you reach a large number of people in a short span of time.

Association with "Smart"

Chess is linked to making decisions with Intelligence and Responsibility. So having an association with Chess would always be a Smart move for your Company.

Increase Awareness

With a lot of Media coverage happening during the Games through various digital platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Website etc.

Ability to reach Children and their Parents

Parents concerned with their kids Education steer them to Chess for its scholastic benefits and accompany their children to these competitions year after year.

Chess games can last four or five hours, and have been known to go six, seven or even eight hours. That is far longer than many other sporting events and offers advertisers a lot of air time.

During the 2018 World Championship, more than 10 million viewers followed the match on worldyouthchess.com.

In addition to media exposure, there are other, significant benefits for top sponsors. World Chess works with each one to customize and maximize the cross-selling opportunities of sponsoring the world’s top chess events. Sponsors have exclusive deals with World Chess in their sector or industry, which allows them to distinguish themselves from their direct competitors.
The sponsors are part of gala opening and closing ceremonies, special events and programs designed to promote chess and the competitions.For a company that wants to appear smart and forward thinking, the cross-marketing possibilities of chess are clear.

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